Cortico requires access to your Oscar service. We recommend that you create a new administrator account for Cortico to use. Cortico will only access your Oscar Demographic API and Appointment API, but our technical support person may also use the credentials to troubleshoot any problems you report. We take great care to ensure any patient information remains private.

Once Oscar is connected, your online bookings will be made available so patients can seamlessly book online using Cortico’s optimized booking pipeline!

1.1.1 Create the Cortico user in Oscar

  • For instructions, please click here (1:08)

    Break-down steps:
  • Add "Cortico" doctor in Administration > User Management > Add a Provider Record
  • Assign the user to all locations by checking those off in the provider record.
  • Create "Cortico" login in Administration > User Management > Add a Login Record
  • Assign the “doctor” role (and optionally, the “admin” role) for the "Cortico" doctor in Administration > User Management > Assign Role to Provider by selecting “doctor” in the dropdown and clicking “Add” on the right.

Note: This is optional if you will only be doing telehealth appointments.

1.1.2 Whitelist the Cortico cloud IP address 

Email your Oscar provider:

Please whitelist Cortico cloud IP address ( to ensure we can connect."

1.1.3 Enable REST module in Oscar.

***If your Oscar provider is Juno, you can skip this section. Otherwise, you need to set up a REST Client in order to use Cortico.***

Go to Administration > Integration > REST Clients

  • Click on Add New and enter the following information:

Name: Cortico

URI: https://<clinicname>

After this, an entry should appear under Manage Clients. Please send us the Client Key and Client Secret or put it in the Settings > Oscar settings > Step 3. Once this is done, we will run a script from our server that will communicate with your Oscar instance and generate an OAuth Token, which will appear in the Tokens section.

  • If the page says “No Service was Found” (error code 404), the REST module needs to be enabled.
    Please file a ticket with your Oscar provider and ask them to enable the REST module (ModuleNames =REST) in the file. See below:

"Hello to Oscar provider, 

The REST module in Oscar must be enabled (in the file).

If the REST is not working, it says "No service was found."

To fix this, please change the file as follows (with any other modules you need as well) and restart tomcat:

## REST: enable restful web services - required for enabling the new UI.


Thank you,

Clinic name"